What is Diveyez Media L&S? Cymatic Audio Production Labs and Studios that Perfect Synesthesia in Audio Projects

We make music and sound for videos, trailers, and full length films. We also edit, mix, and master audio as well. Our specialty is within the process of properly phasing, and cycling the sound. State of the art software, hardware, and techniques combined allow for a process that cannot be matched.

Truly Gifted

Question: Have YOU ever felt like you were born to do something?

"I have... I am bringing to the world, ExoConscious Music." -Diveyez (2019)

The featured track on the bottom is an instrumental from an upcoming album. This track MediSine is Cymatic music perfected. This realigns the hydrogen molecules in the body to promote joy, health, and prosperity. Listen on a car stereo during traffic to heal the damaged cells. Play on your home stereo for an immune system boost to fight CoVID-19. Use this music to heal!

Recent Locations:
Los Angeles, California
Riverside, California
Santa Ana, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Bay City, Michigan
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Orlando, Florida
Washington, D. C.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Baltimore, Maryland

Current Location:
Hollywood, California

What happened?

In 2020,

something phenomenal happened. The CoVID-19 crisis stripped all entertainment professionals of their ability to play shows, and earn income. We had to adapt. The upcoming "That's All You" album will encapsulate the energy of being locked up away from everyone and learning to write music from scratch in a different way. A healing energy providing a cellular stabalizer by way of sound pressure waves. It is called ExoConscious Music.

Stripped of all posessions and locked in a hotel room with a cheap laptop and cheap headphones, Diveyez produced more than a dozen original pieces of music over the period of March, April, and May.

During the closures, and lockdowns, Diveyez dug deep into the work with 432Hz Cymatic music and created a fusion of genres at 432Hz which incorporates everyones favorite elements from all musical genres.

This album is scheduled for a Fall-to-Winter release likely in 2021. Some content will be released prior to the whole album. Please review the track "Careful Thinking" to obtain a preview of what is coming.

To learn more about 432hz Cymatic science, please visit: Cymatics (Wikipedia)
Cymatics Video (Inner Worlds Outer Worlds Clip)

Richard 'Diveyez' Neff

Born in Baltmore Maryland, and is one of the rare few from that city who has been able to tour the world performing within the styles of Breakbeat EDM, as well as House Electro, and Drum and Bass. Currently producing 432Hz tuned cymatic music within modern genres and providing uplifting music with a hard appeal to generate the feelings of happiness, success, health, and wealth to all of humanity. Hip-hop Roots with Big Hair Band influences, EDM history and a recent newfound love for boombap hip-hop. Produces all genres of music and is expanding into uncharted territory, creating personal favorite fusions with custom chord progressions seasonally allocated to enhance astro music perspectives among the audience while raising awareness through a rough lyrical approach akin to the poetry in writings of Nostradamus. With new management and a team guiding Richard, Diveyez as an artist is starting to sail. He is now able to focus entirely on music and is attending Full Sail University and plans to graduate in 2021 with a BoS and Audio Production with plans to progress further in the future.

Owns three record labels first one formed in 2010 , songs still generating plays on Spotify, Sales on iTunes, Amazon, and more. Currently in the process of releasing content into 2020 and beyond with an upcoming release soon to be revealed in Q3 2020 with the introduction of a new content licensing system. Due to COVID-19 the instrumentals will be available before the full album is recorded, edited, mastered, and published on stores and streaming services. His music has been featured on Radio One syndicated radio, first appearance was on 92.3 FM.

Has worked with many world touring Dj’s while playing shows. The largest influence and name Diveyez has worked with is Mike Smith formerly of Limp Bizkit. He grew up learning Guitar and Drums and started experimenting with playing the violin, brass instruments, with Mike Smith at his house as a driving influence. Eventually growing up to be a producer and Dj.

Current major influencing inspirations include From Hip-Hop: Sir Mix A lot, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, 2Pac, Run DMC, Apathy, Logic, Nas, Puff Daddy, From Rock and Alternative: Soundgarden, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, The Start, Evolver, Shedding Light, Korn, Sevendust, Soul fly, Coal Chamber From EDM: Lady Dana, Neophyte, Eric Prydz, Armin Van Buren, Above and Beyond, Noisia, and Current Value. These names are the ones you find in Diveyez media labs playing constantly to drive the creative spark further into its brightness.

Have some gangster audio: https://t.co/j01qxK4B3v

If you record something, send me something.

— Diveyez (@Diveyez) October 11, 2020